Colorado Vincentian Volunteers

CVV Attends Bold Women Change History Event

Part of our formation this year is to have continuing conversations about racial justice.

There Will Be Enough For Today

My time of wandering may last a little bit longer, but there will be enough for today.

Hope Found at the Border: Vincentian Volunteers in El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico

Each year, Colorado Vincentian Volunteers takes our volunteers to El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico to study the issues at the border. These are a few of their reflections.

More than a coincidence!

Based on the practices ingrained during CVV I have a solid foundation to build from, a comfort level with introspection, vulnerability, and thoughtfulness..

Raise Young Vincentians

Raise Young Vincentians

Whenever we attend any Vincentian Family Gatherings, Matt and I always introduce our children (who are ages 3 and 1) as the littlest Vincentians of the Family. While we constantly have the “raise little Vincentians” voice in the backs of our heads, I wonder, do all...

Neighbors on the Border

Neighbors on the Border

I have heard the story of the Good Samaritan countless times: I remember reading it in my Children’s bible with illustrated pictures, seeing the parable come to life in skits and reenactments during retreats, and hearing homilies on the many messages contained in this...

Let the Children Come to Me

Let the Children Come to Me

Brian spent much of his summer coaching soccer in the Denver metro area. Native of Denver, he is a Notre Dame Alum and wearer of many hats. He is introspective, intentional and thoughtful through and through. To date, he is the first alum to write his reflection at...

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