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A Canadian View: Global Climate Change

As Vincentians we must also look at the effect on our fellow residents of this planet who are amongst those living in poverty.

A Canadian View: Climate Change In Canada

As we examine the urgent need to address climate change, I’d like to look at how it is affecting Canada.

Paris Agreement Withdrawal by the U.S. “Deeply Troubling”

Last week, it didn’t matter what faith you follow...when the President of the United States made the decision to withdrawal from the Paris Agreement regarding climate change, it sent waves of disapproval and disappointment across the nation. Below are a few responses...

Use Your Influence to Save the Planet

As Pope Francis reminds us, persons living in poverty are most affected by climate change. Here’s an opportunity to advocate for them (and our world) in the spirit of Laudato Si and in faithfulness to our Vincentian charism. Save the Planet! I am sure many of you have...
Federation – The stand against climate change

Federation – The stand against climate change

The stand against climate change Written by Krishna Magalona, Intern with the Sisters of Charity Federation from the College of Mount Saint Vincent The road to Paris has been a long one, faced with global and local difficulties. The 2015 Paris Climate Change...

Catholic Consultation on Climate Change

Catholic Consultation on Climate Change

Catholic scholars, U.S. bishops and Catholic leaders from around the Washington region will discuss the moral and religious implications of global climate change and environmental justice at a November 8-10 symposium at The Catholic University of America (CUA). "A...

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