Vincentian Prayer Images: Charity AND Justice

Vincent saw the bigger picture than just that presented by an immediate need!

Interview with Fr. Robert Maloney, C.M. on his book “Mystic of Charity”

Watch an interview by Elena Grazini (Famvin Press Office, Rome) with Father Maloney about his latest book on St. Vincent de Paul, “Mystic of Charity”.

Seeing Better and Systemic Change

In his wonderful new book Vincentian Meditations, Tom McKenna has a chapter on “seeing better.” He asks “what does standing under Vincent’s influence do to an individual?” And one response is that one can see better. That can mean many things but it might would...

Does charity choke justice? On the Limits of Charity (part 2)

David Hilfiker, a veteran of decades of direct service with the poor, raised questions 15 years ago in a 2001 article from The Other Side magazine exploring the tension between charity and justice. This is the second of a two-part reflection on his writings. Symptoms...
Seeing Better and Systemic Change


“Those on top, like politicians and church leaders, talk a lot about peace, but not about justice, because speaking of peace sounds good to others on top and to the naïve on the bottom, but to speak of justice sounds bad to those on top because it opens the eyes of...

“Ever-Evolving Charism of Charity”

“Ever-Evolving Charism of Charity”

Leaders of North American congregations in the Sisters of Charity Federation will gather at Mount St. Joseph (OH) this week for their annual meeting, according to a post on the Catholic Beat. Sixty-three women from North America and guests from South Korea will meet...

Vincent and Louise on varieties of martyrdom

Vincent and Louise on varieties of martyrdom

FamVin is happy to present this translation into English of an article on martyrdom  by  Corpus Juan Delgado, CM. It looks at the concept of martyrdom as it appears in the writings of Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac.  The concept is examined from the...