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Christmas is Not Supposed to Be Like This

Christmas is Not Supposed to Be Like This – perspective on what are all too common situations.

Sex Industry – prayer for all affected

An International, annual novena for those in and affected by the sex industry. Nine days of private or public prayer for a specific intention. Day 1 (17th of March): For porn stars. Heavenly Father, we offer you our brothers and sister acting in the porn industry....

In a new voice…”Who are the poor?”

A stay-at-home-Mom offers her expanded answer to "who are the poor?" The poor are our teachers! Jeannie Ewing , writes personally and powerfully ...."My understanding of “poverty” has evolved over the past year or so. Like most people, when I heard the word “poor,” my...

Seriously… outside my comfort zone???

Lisa Hedley of Catholic Mom is offering daily reflections on what strikes her as she read Pope Francis' Evangelii Gaudium. Today's reflection ... "Seriously, Pope Francis? You’re calling me to venture out of my comfort zone? The answer is “Yes“. If we’re to call...

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