Capwiz, the Pope and Politicians Who Genuinely Care

In “Capwiz, the Pope and Politicians Who Genuinely Care” Tom Dwyer, Northeast Region SVdP Voice of the Poor Coordinator, provides a crash course in why and how to speak out on behalf to those who are marginalized and we serve with our hands on services.

Vincentian Megaphone for Social Justice

Vincentian Megaphone for Social Justice – Capwiz: SVdP’s On-line Voice of the Poor

Vincentian Family seeks collaboration for children fleeing violence

"Surely, the Lord hears the cry of the Poor. Our job is to make Congress hear it too" writes Giulio Grecchi of the SVDP Voice of the Poor Committee The humanitarian crisis at our Southern Border, while overshadowed in the news by recent violent events elsewhere,...

Immigration Reform – Take Action!

Sheila Gilbert, President of the St. Vincent dePaul Society USA, writes "Your invovlement is needed as Immigration Committee Begins Discussion" Dear Vincentians, The Senate Judiciary Committee will resume its work on the Immigration Reform bill on May 20. The chairman...

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