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Articles for Advent

Advent: A Time of Preparation, Hope and Joy

The season of Advent is characterized by three words: preparation, hope, and joy.

Advent Letter 2019 by Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM

In this year’s Advent letter, Fr Tomaž Mavrič, CM invites us to look at God’s provident love, and to reflect on some key texts of St Vincent de Paul.

My New Way of Entering Into Advent Expectation

This year my image of Advent is an image of expectant parents excitedly seeking, and rejoicing in, the evidence of life stirring in a womb of God’s people.

Is Advent Missing In Action?

The Incredibly Shrinking Season of Advent We have incredibly shrinking airline seats, middle class, paychecks, computers, glaciers, and even, it seems, our planet. Articles have been written about each of the above. But so far, I have not come across an article on our...
God With Us

God With Us

An Advent reflection, I can do that. It will be beautiful; all starlight and inspiration. I clear my plans for the evening, no record keeping, grading or lesson planning, no dishes or laundry. Inspiration needs quiet and time and putting the ‘to do’ list to the side....

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