Spirituality and Spiritual Practice

Some Practical Rules for Praying

Father Maloney offers a group of practical rules that experience teaches are helpful for those who want to pray.

Four Methods of Prayer for Vincentians

Slide presentation based on the article “Mental Prayer: Yesterday and Today – Some Reflections on the Vincentian Tradition” by Father Robert P. Maloney, C.M.

Fr. Maloney – Systemic Change and Vincentian Holiness

Fr. Robert Maloney delivered the keynote address "Systemic Change and our Vincentian Call to Holiness Today" at a national meeting of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul held in Madison, Wisconsin (USA). It is still a foundational piece of Vincentian thought. From the...

5 Faces of Vincent de Paul (includes text)

5 Faces of St. Vincent de Paul - which one do you know best? Missionary… witness… formator… inventive… contemplative… active… prayerful… gentle… compassionate… these are some of the words used to describe St. Vincent de Paul.Fr. Maloney writes... Vincent de Paul lived...

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