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Hunger Games – A Walmart alert!

Hunger Games – A Walmart alert! … The report, named Walmart’s Hunger Games, links Walmart’s business practices to the hunger of its workers.

Mapping where rich and poor live

Which side of the Bay do you live on? BusinessInsider presents "An Ingenious Use Of Google Maps To Tell Where Rich People And Poor People Live" It is as simple as mapping the location of Walmart and WholeFood stores at the California Bay area. They write "Reddit...

Walmart: Fighting hunger or causing poverty?

Fighting Hunger or Causing Hunger: A Mid-term Look at Wal-Mart’s $2 billion Commitment. On May 12, 2010, in the U.S. Capitol, Wal-Mart Vice Chairman Eduardo Castro Wright made a stunning announcement. His company would donate $2 billion in food and cash over a...

Sister of Charity speaks out on Walmart

Sr. Barbara Aires of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, New Jersey, who has led the Walmart engagement for over 20 years, writes “We have a tremendous investment in this company in terms of our time, expertise and yes, capital, and find these allegations...

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