vincentian spirituality

A Faith Dynamic (Matthew 18:19-20)

“Listen and Respond.” If there ever were a pair of words to stir up action, these are the ones.

A Very Personal Question (Matthew 16:13-20)

To get at a pivotal question in Matthew’s 23rd chapter, consider the distinction between two types of answers, one standard and the other personal.

Prayer Visuals (I Kings: 19; Matthew: 14)

The Scriptures are filled with striking visuals for our lives of faith, and in particular for our lives of prayer. One is in chapter 19 of the Book of Kings, up on the mountain with the Prophet Elijah who is fleeing from the threats of Jezebel and her husband King...

Marian Spirituality and the Vincentian Charism

With the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary approaching, please enjoy this presentation based on the articles Marian Spirituality and the Vincentian Charism by Corpus Delgado, C.M., and The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Spiritual Experience of Saint...
Acquiring A Taste (Ps 34,9; John 6)

Vincent’s Praying-Acting Cycle

Vincent’s Praying-Acting Cycle Years ago I heard Fr. Robert Maloney say something about St. Vincent de Paul I never forgot. “Hardly have I ever read somebody who could come down on one side of an issue and then 50 pages later say something the exact opposite.” And...

Acquiring A Taste (Ps 34,9; John 6)

To Be A Gospel Sign

To Be A Gospel Sign (John 6:30) In John’s gospel, the crowd in Capernaum asks Jesus, “What sign can you do for us?” To catch the full meaning here, it’s important to know John’s special use of the word ‘sign.’ He doesn’t mean it in the ordinary sense of one thing that...

Acquiring A Taste (Ps 34,9; John 6)

Emmaus and The Eucharist

Emmaus and The Eucharist (Lk 24:13-35) Many people’s favorite story in the New Testament is the one of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. It contains so much of everyone’s experience of what it is to believe -- and certainly touches on the belief of a...

Acquiring A Taste (Ps 34,9; John 6)

Framing The Scene

Framing The Scene  (John 11:1-45) I remember a wise person once telling me that there’s no such thing as an un-interpreted fact. Everything you see out there you see through some kind of frame, some angle of approach that not only affects how you see, but more...

Acquiring A Taste (Ps 34,9; John 6)

Letting Truth Appear

Letting Truth Appear (John 8:31-42) It’s not often I get stunned by the cover of a magazine, but the one on Time in late March accomplished that. In dark letters set against a darker background was the question, “Is Truth Dead?” The phrase caught a feeling I only half...

Acquiring A Taste (Ps 34,9; John 6)

The Defining Backdrop

The Defining Backdrop (Gen. 17:5-9; Jn. 17) In the middle of Genesis, we come across the classic phrasing of a central theme running all through both Testaments of the bible, the Covenant. After telling Abraham He will make him the father of nations, Yahweh says, “I...

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