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Who are the Two Blessed Daughters of Charity, Martyrs of Angers?

The story of Bl. Marie-Anne Vaillot and Bl. Odile Baumgarten, Daughters of Charity martyred during the French Revolution on February 1, 1794.

This Week: Feast of the Daughters of Charity Martyrs of Angers

On the eve of the French Revolution Sisters Anne-Marie Vaillot and Odile Baumgarten were among the thirty-five Daughters who performed the mainly simple, repetitive, and obscure tasks for the poor sick at the hospital of Saint-Jean.

Feb. 1 – Martyred Daughters of Charity

The Feast of two Daughters of Charity -  Blessed Mary Ann Vaillot DC and Odile Baumgarten DC  - is celebrated on February 1..   Both were martyred in France in 1794. They were declared Blessed in Rome on  February 19, 1984, by Pope John Paul II as part of a group of...

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