Robert Barron

The Stations of the Cross with Bishop Barron (Video)

Lent reminds us to take time for God and reflect. To aid us in this, many online resources are available.

Bill Maher, Ralph Reed and Fr. Robert Barron

Recently Bill Maher interviewed Ralph Reed. In his reaction to the show Fr. Robert Barron attempts to put perspective on some extremes. In this video he introduces some important nuances about faith and the Bible.

Fr. Robert Barron – On the New Evangelization and New Media

Fr. Barron reflects on On the New Evangelization and New Media in a video interview with Brandon Vogt. For most people, Fr. Robert Barron hardly needs an introduction. As a preacher, commentator, and media personality, he's become one of the main faces of American...

Fr. Baron on new evangelization and media

How can we think about "new evangelization" AND "media" Fr. Robert Barron offers his reflections in this YouTube video. He has become one of the main faces of American Catholicism. Outside the academic world, Fr. Barron is best known for his...

Fr. Barron – Spirit of Vatican II

Fr. Robert Barron, who some consider as a contemporary Bishop Fulton Sheen, share his reflections on the meaning of Vatican II. As someone who was privileged to have been present in St. Peter's while the Council was in session his reflections brought back many...

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