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Articles for peace

The Pay It Forward Plan for Peace

Jesus’ mission was all abou teaching us to pay it forward. After all, God has first loved us and wants us to share that gift in our lives! Isn’t this what Jesus did? And it changed and is changing the world!

Advent: A Season of Peace

Fr. Robert Maloney, CM reflects on peace as a theme of Advent.

Systemic Change In a Time of National Unrest

“Respect for minorities is to be considered the touchstone of social harmony and the index of the civic maturity attained by a country and its institutions” St. John Paul II

Prince of Peace

Celebrating Christmas is welcoming the Prince of Peace in our midst.

Seeing Christ in bin Laden

Now here's an issue .....The challenging implications of seeing Osama as a fellow child of God. Busted Halo features an essay by Helen Lee that includes this statement... "Seeing Christ in Osama bin Laden is pretty difficult since he committed atrocities that appear...

Vincentian Universities and Justice

True to their heritage the three Vincentian universities in the USA continue to be in the forefront of raising consciousness on issues of social justice. St. John's presents The Theology of Work and the Dignity of Workers. DePaul is hosting the 2011 National...

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