Meghan Clark

There Is No Convincing Argument—Moral Or Political—Against Food Stamps

One of the victims of President Trump’s budget proposal is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly referred to as food stamps. Since 2012, I have been writing to defend SNAP in response to attempts by Republican lawmakers to weaken the program. House...

“Pacem in Terris” 50 years later (CNS)

Catholic News Service looks at how "Pacem in Terris" holds up 50 years after the Cold War-inspired papal encyclical on peace was written by Blessed John XXIII. Meghan Clark, Professor Moral Theology at St. John's University  joins Cardinal Turkson and  Maryann...

An option that is not an option An Option that’s not Optional: The Preferential Option for the Poor BY: MEGHAN CLARK Over the last month, as talk has returned to budgets and sequesters, deficits and...

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