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100 Resources for the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul

Make use of these resources in sharing St. Vincent’s story and our spirituality as we approach the Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul.

Vincentian leader speaks out about the media

David W. Barringer, CEO of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, asks where are the cries of the millions of Americans who are poor? Where are the stories about poverty, need and disaster, or the solutions to these problems?

Pope Francis’ major media innovation

What would you say is the major media innovation of Pope Francis? L’Osservatore Romano writes "I believe that the major innovation consists in his ability to make himself understood by people of every origin. " “More than 9,300,000 followers and, thanks to retweets,...

Some surprising Papal firsts

Who was the first pope to appear on film: Leo XIII, [1878 - 1903] in 1896. make a radio broadcast: Pius XI, [1922 - 1939] c. 1931. have a ‘full-length’ movie made about him: Pius XII, [1939 - 1958], in 1942 the movie called ‘Pastor Angelus‘ (angelic shepard) per...

Will we follow? (as seen in new media)

Throughout the course of his public ministry, Jesus knew both the adoration and desertion of the crowds. Today, just as 2,000 years ago, the gospel asks a question that demands an answer: Will we follow? This video illustrates this truth through the dynamic lens of a...

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