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Binge-watching the Gospel of Mark?

BInge-watching viewers report a greater understanding and knowledge of the show and character development, versus viewers who don’t binge-watch. Might that be true if we “binge-read” the Gospel of Mark?

2015 – “Year of Vincentian Collaboration”

Fr. Gregory Gay, CM writes to Vincentian Family Leaders – 2015 – “Year of Vincentian Collaboration”

Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Vincentian Family

On January 12th, 2013 the Executive Committee of the Vincentian Family met at the Motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity in Paris.  The participants included:  Laurence de la Brosse of the International Association of Charity (AIC); Father G. Gregory Gay, CM and...

Vinformation for teachers, leaders

VinFormation has released a 90 second video clip, intended for those interested in resources concerning the Vincentian Charism, directs attention to the Vinformation Site which has a variety of items of information and tools for anyone wishing to spread and tap into...

U.S. Lacks Notable Christian Leaders

A new Barna Group study illustrates that no single Christian leader captures the attention of the nation’s population. When asked to identify the single most influential Christian leader in the U.S. today, two out of every five Americans (41%) are unable to think of...

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