January 25

Finding Folleville

On January 25 we commemorate a transformative moment in the life of St. Vincent. Inspired by this, may we each “find our own Folleville”.

The Congregation of the Mission and Formation of the Clergy

In the early days, while St. Vincent and his confreres were giving themselves to the evangelization of the poor, they clearly saw that the effectiveness of their mission to the people could not be sustained unless they also provided for the formation of the clergy.

Celebrating the CM journey 1625 to Kenya 2014

To celebrate the anniversary of the Founding of the Congregation of the Mission on January 25, a special presentation: the De Paul Centre in Nairobi.

Congregation of the Mission – Jan 25,1617

To celebrate the 396th anniversary of the founding of the Congregation of the Mission VinFormation has posted a SlideShare presentation. The Congregation of the Mission celebrates January 25th as its “Foundation Day” but in reality the Congregation was not legally set...

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