Growth is Part of the Journey #IamVincent

Writing on growth, we hear from Kyle Earlywine (Colorado Vincentian Volunteers ’15). Kyle is a Colorado native and DU grad. He served on the Basic Services team at St. Francis Center during CVV and is currently living on the west coast where he and his dad are...

Christian growth in the heart of Islam

John L Allen Jr writes..."In some parts of the Middle East, Christianity is actually booming, and those folks deserve some attention." Media theorists like to talk about the power of a "narrative," meaning a storyline that's often more influential than reality in...

Vincentian Formation resources suitable for personal study

Looking for a handy compilation of resources to deepen your understanding of various aspects of the Vincentian charism  and way of life? Visit VinFormation's Resources for Personal Study. And stay tuned for Resources of use in small groups.  

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