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Who Do We Represent?

It is no secret that we tend to label people very quickly. No doubt there is some utility to labels even if today they are used like arrows of insult. Labels try to identify who we represent. To my mind labels lead a question for followers of Vincent and Louise. "Who...

Love in the Family – Advice to and from bishops

For weeks now the opposing camps have been trying to fathom what Pope Francis was about to say in anticipation of his document on family life. No doubt the discussion will continue now that it has been released. [Vatican summary of the document] [US Bishops resource...

Let God Weigh In

S. Janet Gildea writes in the lead of the E-Voc newsletter of the Sisters of Charity of CIncinnati... “I wish God would just TELL ME what God wants of my life! I’m driving myself crazy trying to figure it out! How do I know if I’m really listening to God or if I’m...

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