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What is a Vincentian spirituality of the laity?

“we do not live in a cloister; we live in the world and yet we should not live as worldly people. This is difficult, very difficult, but this is also our obligation.”

How St. Vincent de Paul’s Spiritual Vision Evolved (Video)

Our new video describes how St. Vincent’s spiritual vision evolved over the years, as he was influenced by his collaborators and by persons he encountered who were living in different forms of poverty. Based on the essay “Vincent de Paul in Châtillon: The birth of a new spiritual vision” by Jaime Corera, C.M.

A Critical Reading Of The Founders’ Writings

The Spanish website Somos is making available in English a series of insightful articles, the first of which is  "An approach to a critical reading of the founders writings." 1. Knowing the Founders through their writings The first step to a critical reading of the...

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