Francis Regis Clet

Saint Francis Régis Clet: The Missionary Who Was Strangled Three Times

Among the Missionaries of the Congregation of the Mission, there is a martyr who cried tears of joy when he was sent to China and when he was imprisoned there.

St. Francis Regis Clet as Seen in his Letters

Thomas Devitt, CM, presents excerpts from St. Francis Regis Clet’s letters from the period between 1812 and his execution in 1820.

July 9: St. Francis Regis Clet, C.M.

The author Thomas Davitt, C.M. suggests that although biographers and illustrators have tended to place all the emphasis on his martyrdom, Francis Clet was, before anything else, a confrere.

July 9: St. Francis Regis Clet, C.M.

In February of 1791, three missionaries including Fr. Francis Regis Clet, C.M., departed for China.

Feast of St. Francis Regis Clet

Feast of St. Francis Regis Clet

Imagine being in your early 40s, in a comfortable enough job as director of novices at a seminary in Paris, and leaving everything behind to volunteer to go to China on mission. This was the decision of Father (Saint) Francis Regis Clet, C.M., whose feast day is next...