Louise de Marillac: Animator of the Confraternities of Charity

In May 1629, Vincent de Paul made a request of Louise de Marillac. Would she accept going to Montmirail to visit the Confraternities of Charity established in that town and the neighboring villages?

St. Louise de Marillac On the Holy Humanity of Jesus

A video for Christmas, based on a portion of the reflection “Who is Jesus for Louise de Marillac?” written by Sister Élisabeth Charpy, D.C. and Sister Louise Sullivan, D.C.

St. Louise’s Road to Humility

A presentation from Chapter 15 of “Louise de Marillac: Come Winds or High Waters” by Élisabeth Charpy, D.C., (2018).

Continuation of the Incarnation

Think about the following: “The Incarnation is not an event of the past … Christ wants to be active among us.”

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