Vinnies spotlight female homelessness.

Vinnies spotlight female homelessness

CEO “sleepouts” – From Australia to the UK

It started out many years ago as an initiative of the Vincent DePaul Society in one region of Australia. It became an annual events for all of Australia. Now it is moving to the United Kingdom – CEO’s sleeping out to raise awareness of the plight of those who are homeless

SVDP CEO – Guide during crucial time

The NCR collected the following appraisals of Roger Playwin who is stepping down after ten years. CEO praised for guidance in troubled times Jim Dumont, a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society's National Council, hired Roger Playwin in 1998 as the executive...

Chapel of the homeless

This striking image which I entitle "Chapel of the Homeless" is one of the graphics from the Sidney Morning Herald's story about the upcoming  SVDP-sponsored CEO Sleepout on behalf of the homeless  in Australia. The story continues..."Two sheets of...

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