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Griffin – Considering Consecrated Life “Lenten Observance

Two liturgical events during the Christian year stir me. Both transpire during the time of Lent and lead to my observations.

Why Tuesday? – Easter People – Lent Begins with Ashes – Celebrate Family

Why pray and fast on Tuesday? It was a challenge to me as a Vincentian to do more than serve in SSVP and feel good about doing it.

Marked with Ashes – Fr. Pat Griffin, CM

Unfailingly on this day, some people find a disconnect between the Gospel reading and the marking of our foreheads with ashes.

Ashes for websites

The ashes we’ll wear tomorrow will be an outward sign of penance and contrition. As an outward sign during Lent online, I created a graphic to replace my Facebook and Google+ profile pictures with. I’d love to see other people use this as well—let’s create awareness...

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