Why is the Feast of the Annunciation so important to Daughters of Charity?

Here is the answer to this question, in 6 slides.

Successive Annunciations – Fr. Tom McKenna

Successive Annunciations – Fr. Tom McKenna reflects on the many annunciations in our lives and the invitations to say “Yes”.

Daughters renew vows with the Pope

(Vatican Radio) For the Christian, "making progress" means "lowering oneself" on the road of humility in order allow God’s love to emerge and be clearly seen. This was the central focus of Pope Francis’ homily on Monday morning at Mass in the Domus Sanctae Marthae...

Mary in 2 minutes

Busted Halo writes, "Ever wonder what the big deal is with Catholics and the Virgin Mary? Do they worship her or just pray to her? What’s the Annunciation? What’s the Immaculate Conception? What’s the Assumption? All these questions and more answered in this short two...

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