The Vincentian Family is a movement made up of more than 160 institutions and some 4,000,000 people who follow Jesus Christ, serving the poor, as did St. Vincent de Paul, St. Louise de Marillac and many other believers who, over the last four centuries, have enriched the Vincentian charism.

Special: Conflict in the Ukraine

DePaul International: Update on Ukraine (April 14)

DePaul International: Update on Ukraine (April 14)

Around 7.1 million people have been displaced internally, and 4.3 million have fled across international borders, bringing the total number of people displaced by the conflict to a staggering 11.4 million.

Images from Ukraine

Images from Ukraine

The images that are presented to us through the press and social networks from Ukraine are heartbreaking.

“Forgive us for War, O Lord”

“Forgive us for War, O Lord”

The hostilities in Ukraine are not something new: in 2014 in the eastern part of the country, there were hostile activities between the pro-Russian forces and the Ukrainians. During that year and in the following years, thousands of lives were lost.

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Where is human dignity, I ask?

Where is human dignity, I ask?

On Monday, May 9, 2022, Maya Davis, a graduating nursing student, gave the following sermon in our last Religion 399 African American Faith and Social Justice class. I asked Maya if I could share her words with the world. Let the words of her mouth and the meditations of her heart be acceptable, Oh Lord.

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