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The GOD minute

A new podcast series to fuel your prayer – The God Minute

Lenten Reflection On Fasting, by Sister of Charity (Video)

Sister Rejane Cytacki, SCL, generously shares some great ideas about fasting from “time-eaters”– those things that take our focus away from our prayer relationship with God.

Mary’s Digital Home “Liked” By Almost 3 Million People

Do you know the address of the Facebook page that has been “liked” by 2.9 million people?

Surprised Into Prayer By the Vincentian Film Festival

I must admit “Finding Charity in Art: The Challenge of the Vincentian Festival”  surprised me into prayer! “

Church lags in Social Media oversight

Church lags in Social Media oversight

ABPnews writes... "Churches without policies governing online activity risk embarrassment, or worse. Sheryl Fancher likes to tell social media nightmare stories that make ministers cringe. Like the one about a pastor who posted derogatory remarks about church members...

Churches’ creative use of social media grows

Digital technology and social media definitely enable churches to expand their reach far beyond the four walls of the sanctuary! Ministries have begun to get a firm grip on these new, exciting, web 2.0 technologies. Many churches are expanding their creative and...

How churches can use Social Media

The website dedicated to internet evangelism offers some insight into the differences between the print media and digital media as tools of evangelization. Social networking basics Many people and organizations have mistakenly tried to apply an old ‘print culture’...

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