Conflict in Ukraine

Anna and Misha’s Story: Children are our Future

Meet Misha and Anna In our Kharkiv children’s centre, everyone knows 5-year-old Misha. “I’m not scared by the bombs,” Misha tells us. “Not scared at all.” His mother tells a different story. Misha used to hide under the table at the sound of the frequent air-raid...

From a Lone Lorry to Over 4000 Tons of Aid: Depaul Looks Back at an Extraordinary Year

February 24th was supposed to be like any other day. Then suddenly, for millions of Ukrainians, their world collapsed. “February 24th is a date I will remember for the rest of my life. You don’t know what to do except to run.” For 17 years, Depaul has been a lifeline...

“The playgrounds here are empty”: Ukrainians fear long term impact on children’s mental health after one year of war

For the past year, people in Ukraine have lived with bombings and missile attacks which have displaced millions, injured and killed thousands and left some too afraid to leave their bomb shelters.

Ukraine joins the 13 Houses Campaign: rebuilding hope for those who lost everything

The Vincentian Family has showed great commitment and dedication towards those in need since the beginning of the war, including by providing essential and emergency aid on the ground.

Interview with Father Vitaliy Novak, CM

Interview with Father Vitaliy Novak, CM

Fr. Vitaliy, a missionary of the Congregation of the Mission in Ukraine, is also president of the Board of Depaul Ukraine, an organization that is part of the worldwide Vincentian Family, which is doing important work helping those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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