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The Vincentian Family is a movement made up of more than 160 institutions and some 4,000,000 people who follow Jesus Christ, serving the poor, as did St. Vincent de Paul, St. Louise de Marillac and many other believers who, over the last four centuries, have enriched the Vincentian charism.

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The Robin Hood Tax

The Robin Hood Tax

Around the world, momentum is building behind a tiny tax on bankers that could generate billions of dollars to help with problems at home and overseas. It has been given different names in different countries – the ‘Robin Hood’ tax in the United...

Did you know…?

This factsheet presents a quick overview of recent cross-cutting Urban Institute research on poverty, including 13 key points on poverty's effects on immigration, health care, children, infants with depressed mothers, employment, assets, and neighborhoods. One in an...

Vincent de Paul Manuscript Letter Acquired

The Vincentian Studies Institute of DePaul University recently acquired a manuscript letter of Vincent de Paul.  The letter is #603 in Coste, dated 24 July 1642 at Saint Lazare in Paris. The Vincentian History Research Network (VHRN) made this announcement....

Living the days of Lent 2011

The website of the Ladies of Charity USA features notice of  a new publication, Living the Days of Lent 2011, by Sr. Anita M. Constance, a Sister of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, Convent Station, NJ. From her Introduction: “During Lent, the church invites us to make the...

Street Logic: Book Review

What is happening on the street sometimes appears to be the equivalent of a blood sport. One with no rules and that makes no sense. When assessing each individual's struggle to avoid facing the hole they are in, it's clear that the denial factor can be lethal.  They...

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