Congregation of the Mission

COVIAM-General Curia of the Congregation of the Mission Meeting Begins: Putting On the Spirit of Jesus Christ in Africa and Madagascar

On June 10, the Congregation of the Mission officially began the six-day COVIAM-General Curia Meeting. COVIAM is the Conference of Visitors of Africa and Madagascar of the Congregation of the Mission.

Announcing the Good News of Salvation in the Footsteps of Saint Vincent

This presentation, based on a talk by Fr. Emeric Amyot d’Inville, C.M., was addressed to the Congregation of the Mission but could be applicable to any branch of the Vincentian Family involved in teaching and sharing our faith.

Weaving Hope: Celebrating the Jubilees of the Congregation of the Mission and the Universal Church

Moved by prayer, clothed in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, pilgrims of hope Two important celebrations are taking place before our eyes: two Jubilees (jubilees are always major events at the ecclesial level): special times of grace, forgiveness of sins and plenary...

Congregation of the Mission Institutional Video

The Congregation of the Mission has released an institutional video presenting its identity and mission in today’s world.

CM Superior General greetings to the Holy Father on the Occasion of the July 14 Papal Audience

Address of the Holy Father to Participants in the General Chapters of the Congregation of the Mission and Other Religious Orders

Pope Francis underlines the importance of evangelization, saying that it should be oriented towards witnessing and proclaiming the Gospel, in his address to the members of the Order of the Mother of God, the Basilian Order of St. Josaphat and the Congregation of the Mission as they hold their General Chapters.