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March 25: Establishment of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

In 1809, the Sisters of Charity were founded by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Emmitsburg, MD. Four of the Sisters started a mission in Cincinnati in 1829. By 1852, Mother Margaret Farrell George had founded the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati. Her story is told in the YouTube video below. It is very moving to […]


A Missionary’s Voice: Do More…

I hope most of us have watched or heard about the 1948 Oscar Award winning Film, “Monsieur Vincent” directed by Maurice Cloche.  It is an excellent and inspiring film, one that rewards repeated viewing. And no wonder, it is at the top of Vatican’s best films list. In this Vincentian Jubilee year, if possible it […]

Fran Boltz in service

Vincentians of Wherever: Fran Boltz has been Serving for Nearly Two Decades

Walk into Bailo Hall, up a flight of stairs, around the corner, and who will you see? Sitting behind a desk surrounded by pictures of students and numerous awards acknowledging her service will be Fran Boltz, current Learn and Serve director and future IMPACT director at Niagara University. Boltz, a member of the Niagara community […]


Common Prisoners • A Weekly Reflection with Louise

“Our sister serving the galley slaves came to me in tears yesterday because she cannot get any more bread for her poor men, since she owes so much to the baker and bread is so expensive. She borrows and begs for them everywhere with great difficulty. To add to her sorrow, the Duchess d’Aiguillon wants […]


A First-Hand Account of the Diversity of Religious Life

The former chapel in the convent building at Our Lady of the Presentation Church years ago was subdivided into two small rooms, an informal entry/waiting area and an office. Nothing extraordinary about it…except God’s work still happens in that space. Whereas the sounds of Mass or the silence of prayer once dominated, the musical notes […]

it's about the budget

How the Proposed USA Budget Violates Catholic Principles

This post began as a “top 5 shockingly immoral aspects of President Trump’s budget proposal.” The problem is that virtually the entire budget is shockingly immoral and unjust. Instead, I want to highlight 5 touchstones of Catholic Social Teaching on justice. I will provide one example of its violation; however, for every single one, you […]