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Systemic Change Workshop in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

On February 14, a workshop on Systemic Change was started in Guatemala by two members of the Commission for Systemic Change. Here is the information we received from the first day: Two members of the Family’s Commission for Systemic Change arrived to the city of Quetzaltenango, in the western highlands of Guatemala, in Central America, […]

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It's a habit

Habits and Systemic Change: A Reflection

A Latin proverb warns us “The power of habit is great.” We also know this from our spiritual formation. Wise spiritual directors counsel us to pray daily, to make it a habit, and our life will always have a solid foundation. Of course St. Vincent goes even further when he says a person of prayer […]

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Am I Asking Challenging Questions?

Why? and Why not? Two short questions. But they are challenging questions. Questions that lead to systemic change. It is said that Steve Jobs favorite questions were Why? and Why not? These questions help us understand Vincent… and Louise and Frederic, and so many other Vincentians… who have brought about systemic change. First, let’s look […]

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