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The FAMVIN Digital Network

supporting the work of the Vincentian Family
  • network of people, supported and connected by websites, including this one, for news, reference materials, formation materials and a variety of social networks.
  • The Vincentian Family — connecting, collaborating and evangelizing: a living, growing community of more than 2 million people seeking to follow Christ, the evangelizer of the poor in the model presented by the life of Vincent de Paul and his collaborator, Louise de Marillac.

Our Heroes and Heroines

St. Vincent de Paul

Vincent de Paul

lived during the 17th century in France. His funeral drew thousands in Paris and the preacher said that he “just about changed the face of the Church and France”.

Louise de Marillac

who died on March 15, 1660 just a few months before Vincent de Paul… a wife, mother, teacher, nurse, social worker, mentor, spiritual leader, and foundress who stands as a model to all women.

Elizabeth Ann Seton

was born into an upper-class family in New York City in 1774. She began the first free Catholic school staffed by religious women in the United States for needy girls in 1810, and went on to form the Sisters of Charity according to the tradition of Louise de Marillac and Vincent de Paul—the first U.S. apostolic society for women– in 1809.
Frederic Ozanam

Frederic Ozanam

(April 23, 1813 – September 8, 1853) founded with fellow students the Conference of Charity, later known as the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. He has been revered since as an exemplar of the lay apostle, in family, social and intellectual life.

More Vincentian Heroes and Heroines

The Famvin Digital Network websites

Vincentian Family Press Center

Official press releases from the Vincentian Family


Media resources for formation and presentations

We Are Vincentians

Formation resources: primarily text


Challenging audiences with films that change our perspective on poverty in our communities.

Vincentian Family Homeless Alliance

Home of 13 Houses and other initiatives to help homeless people

The Vincentian Family Office

The organization responsible for all these projects

Vincentian Family Web Services

A place for related organizations to get a website, or help with a website

Vincentian Volunteers

Volunteer to work on Vincentian related projects

The Family

The Vincentian Family, the heritage of Vincent de Paul, Louise de Marillac, Frederic Ozanam, Elizabeth Seton and so many others seeks to coordinate its efforts to collaborate for systemic change. In addition to the multilingual digital networks of .famvin, the Vincentian Family Office administers and supports three commissions:

The Vincentian Family Communications Commission

develops and coordinates our internal and external communications strategies in social media, on the web, in the press, and other communications vehicles..

Vincentian Family Homeless Alliance

A commission that concentrates on ‘charity’, with a focus on homelessness

Vincentian Family Formation Commission

A commission that concentrates on the ‘mission’, with a focus on formation
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  • THE BRANCHES of the Vincentian Family, both lay and religious.
  • Who We Are and What We Do: our mission and purpose as a spiritual family dedicated to the preaching of the Gospel in the world of the impoverished.

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