Daily Reflection – April 19

“The reward of sacrifice is peace.” (Possibly based on CW 2:715)
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Lord, every sacrifice has its price as well as its reward. Bless me with that peace of mind which comes from knowing nothing I do goes without your notice.

Daily Reflection – April 18

“The most glorious and desirable death is that which surprises us with arms in our hands for the service of the Lord.” (CCD 8: 293)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, death will hold no fear for me if my days are spent serving You in whatever way Your will is revealed to me.

Daily Reflection – April 17

“Night follows day, sadness follows joy, and opposition public applause, in order that our souls may abide in God alone, who is above all change.” (CCD 6:1-2)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Dear Lord, when I am surrounded by change and conflict, I look to you as my rock of safety. In you is all my confidence.

Daily Reflection – April 16

“Humility is a virtue which Jesus Christ has exceedingly loved, and which He came to teach to the world. The most powerful weapon to conquer the devil is humility.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, you never deny a humble, contrite heart. Since humility is truth, teach me to recognize the good as well as the bad within me and be encouraged to change what needs changing.

Daily Reflection – April 15

“It would never do to have hearts and fortunes sink together.” (CW 1:107)
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– To fail at something without losing heart takes a lot of courage. I will pray for the grace to keep on forging ahead in spite of the obstacles I may encounter.

Daily Reflection – April 14

“Reputation is but an empty bubble when it is not founded on truth, and when established on this basis, it has nothing to fear.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, it isn’t easy to be totally honest and truthful in today’s world. Help me to value integrity more than gain of any sort.

Daily Reflection – April 13

“Who are we to believe that we should be exempt from public calamities? Is it not reasonable that we should suffer with the rest?” (SW: 396)
– St. Louise de Marillac

– O God, times of trouble are inevitable. How easy it is to forget that those times can be a source of growth if borne patiently. Fill me with the trust and confidence I need to make it a positive experience.

Daily Reflection – April 12

“Each of our days is marked with the protection of Mary, who is exceedingly anxious to be our mother, when we desire to be her children.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Mary, you are such a powerful intercessor with your son. I commend to you, today, all the most urgent needs and desires of my heart, knowing you will obtain for me what I need most.

Daily Reflection – April 11

“Why should others be more persistent in persuading me to trifles than I in adhering to that which I know is right?”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Sometimes, adhering to what I know to be a right course of action may require a great deal of courage, and open me to criticism. At such times make me strong in resisting an easier course, Lord.

Daily Reflection – April 10

“Pride is a most pernicious vice, and the more to be dreaded as we are strongly inclined to it by nature.” (CCD 11:45)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, I thank you for loving and sustaining me in spite of my foolish pride, which tempts me to believe I am better than others. Forgive this sin and help me to understand that others, too, are equally blessed by you.

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