Daily Reflection – August 10

“Whatever may happen, you must not fret but rise above it and remain in peace. No harm can befall you if God does not will it; and if he permits it, it will be for a good end since, to those who serve Him, all things turn out for the best.” – St....

Daily Reflection – August 9

“Keep your heart at rest. Never can you find a surer way of obtaining all your desires than that of leaving all to God, who delights to grant the wishes even for this life, if you are full of confidence.” – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton – Lord, you...

Daily Reflection – August 8

“My greatest confidence is in God and not in human industry.” – St. Vincent de Paul – Lord, when I rely on you, I am never disappointed. Thank you for your indwelling presence within me!

Daily Reflection – August 7

“We must submit to all that God wants from us and from those belonging to us; therefore, give yourself once more to Him to be entirely, with all that belongs to you, under the conduct of the Divine Providence.” – St. Louise de Marillac – Lord,...

Daily Reflection – August 6

“May God increase your strength and may he make you share more and more in his spirit.” – St. Vincent de Paul – Lord, no matter how busy my day, I will make space for reflective silence.

Daily Reflection – August 5

“To enjoy we must love; and to love we must sacrifice.” – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton – Sometimes loving you, Lord, demands sacrifice. Grant me the strength to give without counting the cost.