Quote of the Day – March 22

Forbearance is the bond of friendship that unites hearts in sentiment and action not only among themselves but in Our Lord, in such a way that they enjoy great peace (VI:51).

Quote of the Day – March 21

Be very faithful to God in your spiritual exercises, acting in such a way as to make yourself ever more pleasing in God’s eyes and loving in the eyes of the poor (VI:45).

Quote of the Day – March 20

Persevere in practicing the virtues well in order to go on growing in the love and imitation of Our Lord (VI:45).

Quote of the Day – March 18

I ask God also to see fit to remedy the needs of your poor suffering Church now being tried by sickness and poverty (VI:10).

Quote of the Day – March 17

God’s wisdom has so well ordered things in this world that night follows day, sadness joy, and contradiction applause, so that our mind may dwell on God alone, who is above all these changes (VI:1-2).