Quote of the Day – April 17

One of the things required most in a seminary is to have spiritual persons of deep piety to inspire the seminarians with this spirit, for no one can give what he does not have (VI:71).

Quote of the Day – April 15

The virtue of humility is a good remedy for such antipathies because it makes those who practice it lovable and causes people to have greater esteem for their neighbor than for themselves (VI:51).

Quote of the Day – April 14

Forbearance is the bond of friendship that unites hearts in sentiment and action not only among themselves but in Our Lord, in such a way that they enjoy great peace (VI:51).

Quote of the Day – April 13

Be very faithful to God in your spiritual exercises, acting in such a way as to make yourself ever more pleasing in God’s eyes and loving in the eyes of the poor (VI:45).

Quote of the Day – April 12

Persevere in practicing the virtues well in order to go on growing in the love and imitation of Our Lord (VI:45).