Quote of the Day – July 16

We must be satisfied with making the best use of the few talents God has given us without troubling ourselves about having greater or more extensive ones (VII:531).

Quote of the Day – July 15

I can only be deeply grieved by the intense sufferings of the poor slaves and by my inability to procure some relief for them; may it please God to have pity on them (VII:523).

Quote of the Day – July 14

It is true that everyone naturally wants what is best for himself, whereas Our Lord wants us to prefer the worst (VII:515).

Quote of the Day – July 13

Let us ask Our Lord to send good workers into His vineyard and to perfect those who are already in the Company (VII:491).

Quote of the Day – July 11

I ask God to be your strength so that you may walk to the end of the path He has marked out for you to your last end, which is God (VII:480).