Quote of the Day – March 17

In His admirable Providence, Our Lord allows holy fathers and mothers to suffer anguish from their own flesh and blood (I:315).

Quote of the Day – March 16

Remember that the faults of the children are not always imputed to the parents, especially when they have had them educated and have given them good example (I:314).

Quote of the Day – March 14

How I fear large numbers and expansion. What reason we have to praise God for allowing us to honor the small number of the disciples of His Son (I:304).

Quote of the Day – March 13

We are like the servants of the centurion in the gospel with regard to bishops, insofar as when they say to us: go, we are obliged to go; if they say: come, we are obliged to come; do that, and we are obliged to do it (I:297).

Quote of the Day – March 12

Do not be afraid of undertaking too much of what you can do without coming and going; but fear only the thought of doing more than you are doing and more than God is giving you the means to do (I:290).