Quote of the Day – February 18

Trust firmly in God’s guidance and encourage your people to have this trust in the present disturbances; the storm will abate, and the calm will be greater and more pleasing than ever (V:454).

Quote of the Day – February 17

May God be pleased to strengthen you in these hardships, enlighten you in your doubts, and bring you safely to the place where Providence intends to lead your little bark (V:454).

Quote of the Day – February 15

God raises up and puts down wherever He pleases and whomsoever He wishes. It is for us to adore his ways and trust in his goodness (V:450).

Quote of the Day – February 14

God sometimes allows these great disturbances, which unsettle the most secure States, to remind earthly sovereigns that they are answerable to His kingship and are just as dependent as their own subjects (V:449-450).