Quote of the Day – July 24

I ask Our Lord to grant us the grace of considering matters as they are in God and not as they appear apart from Him; otherwise we might deceive ourselves and act other than He wishes (VII:403).

Quote of the Day – July 22

How consoled you will be at the hour of death for having consumed your life for the same reason for which Jesus Christ gave His life– for charity, for God, for the poor (VII:397).

Quote of the Day – July 21

It is not men who make things go well, but God, who sometimes allows them to go differently than the way we would like so as to make us realize that we can do nothing about them or to try our patience (VII:389).

Quote of the Day – July 19

If you give only very little to the poor out of helplessness, you give a great deal to God out of love since you offer God your own comfort, your heavy labors and your life (VII:380).