Daily Reflection – March 22

– Writing to his students, Bl. Frederic wrote:

“Gentlemen, have faith in the era in which you are living. If you see that the old walls of Christian civilization fall down destroyed, trust that new, solid parapets will be raised for your protection and defense. For this civilization, which has cost a great deal for the Martyrs, Saints, and Popes to build will never perish. With these words of hope, I bid you goodbye.”
– Bl. Frederic Ozanam

– Lord, you are the God of all hope. When I feel tired or depressed, I will remember the great price you paid that I may have hope.

Daily Reflection – March 21

“Duplicity is not pleasing to God and to be truly simple we should propose to ourselves no other end but to please God alone.” (CCD 4:471)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Heavenly Father, I ask for a conscience that is sensitive to all the nuances of honesty and truthfulness. Forgive my past failures in this regard.

Daily Reflection – March 20

“If our abode is on Calvary, let us be assured that Jesus crucified is pleased to see us there.” (SW: 570)
– St. Louise de Marillac

– Lord, when I reflect on how much you were wiling to give to redeem me, the sufferings I have to endure seem so very small in comparison.

Daily Reflection – March 19

“When we are satisfied that we have done everything in our power for the happy issue of any affair, we should preserve our tranquility and peace, whatever may be the result.” (possibly CCD 7:400)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– How hard it is for me to remain at peace when everything around me seems to be falling apart. At those times comfort me with your healing presence, and bring peace to my soul.

Daily Reflection – March 18

“Am I in full Charity with all?” (CW 2:588)
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Today, I will examine my relationships in your presence, Lord, and see if my love for others is truly ‘full’, or if there are areas in need of improvement.

Daily Reflection – March 17

“The perfection of prayer, as well as an interior perfection, does not consist in prayer of more or less sublimity, but in Charity.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, sometimes I am more caught up in the feelings I experience in prayer than in its end result. Teach me how to pray so I may love those I serve as much as I know you love me.

Daily Reflection – March 16

“God does not ask us to keep an account of the visible fruits of our charity; he asks us simply to love ‘with all our strength’. He does not ask us to give him the world, but to ‘give him ourselves’.”
– Rev. Joseph Jamet, C.M.

– Today, Lord, I offer myself to you with all my gifts, desires and good intentions. I am grateful that you accept me and love me as I am.

Daily Reflection – March 15

“Small negligences create the greatest useless expense.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Being a faithful steward involves attention to many details, if useless expense is to be prevented. Lord, teach me how to properly care for what is placed in my charge because these things belong to the poor and not to me.

Daily Reflection – March 14

– Writing to the rich, Bl. Frederic wrote:
“Thrift is not the first of virtues. Spend freely and wisely where money can provide work and relieve distress.”
– Bl. Frederic Ozanam

– Lord, help me to be open-handed in giving my time and resources to the service of those most in need.

Daily Reflection – March 13

“Some persons look and never see; others see and never look.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, is it possible to have sight and yet be blind? Never let me be so preoccupied with my own temporal concerns that I blot out the needs of my poor brothers and sisters who have so little, while I have so much.

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