Daily Reflection – May 22

“Do not burden yourself with rules and practices; strengthen yourself to fulfill well those you have, especially as regards your daily actions and employments; in short, let your greatest concern be to do well what you do.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, sometimes my days are so hectic. I need your guidance in my decision making so that what I do is really necessary for your glory and not my own.

Daily Reflection – May 21

“If only we have courage, we will go to heaven on horseback instead of idling and creeping along.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– I will pray today for fortitude, that wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit, which will enable me to overcome whatever stands in the way of my union with God and service to others.

Daily Reflection – May 20

“A grain of charity suffices to calm many anxieties and ease many differences.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Heavenly Father, when the opportunity to be a peacemaker comes my way, help me to accept it and show your love equally to those with opposing views.

Daily Reflection – May 19

“You see a great deal of distress that you are unable to relieve. God sees it also. Bear the pains of the poor together with them, doing all you can to give them whatever help they need, and remain in peace.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, when I feel overwhelmed by the distress I am unable to relieve, help me to feel your presence and realize You are well aware of all those needs and provide me with the direction I need.

Daily Reflection – May 18

“Gently and imperceptibly, the angels inspire us to do good and then leave us perfectly free to do it or not.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– I am grateful, Lord, for those countless promptings to do good which come my way and the loving protection of your angels.

Daily Reflection – May 17

“We must learn the hard lesson of submission; and once this has been accomplished, everything that comes after will be rendered easy.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Why do I find it so hard to completely turn my life over to you, Lord? Drive away from me the fear of what you might ask of me and replace it with the peace that only comes from a total gift of self to you.

Daily Reflection – May 16

“Those whom you serve should feel the efforts of your kindheartedness.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, let the great love I know you have for me, shine through my actions so others may experience your great loving compassion.

Daily Reflection – May 15

“Our good God wishes that all which is past remain in oblivion. The only thing you have to do is make good use of the present, but you must ask this grace of Him.”
– St. Louise de Marillac

– How wonderful it is to know that I am forgiven so completely by you, Lord! Teach me to forgive others without holding on to resentment or bitterness.

Daily Reflection – May 14

“Our Lord is a perpetual Communion to those who are united to His will.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, I want to do your will. Show me what you want of me this day and give me the grace to do it.

Daily Reflection – May 13

“God is with us, and if sufferings abound in us, His consolations also greatly abound and far exceed an utterance.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Father, you surround me with so many marks of your special care. Never let me be so overcome with self-pity that I neglect to thank you for what you constantly do for me.

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