Daily Reflection – August 6

“May God increase your strength and may he make you share more and more in his spirit.” – St. Vincent de Paul – Lord, no matter how busy my day, I will make space for reflective silence.

Daily Reflection – August 5

“To enjoy we must love; and to love we must sacrifice.” – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton – Sometimes loving you, Lord, demands sacrifice. Grant me the strength to give without counting the cost.

Daily Reflection – August 4

“Our Lord, eternal and infinite, is the splendor of glory, the fountainhead and source of all grace and beauty.” – St. Vincent de Paul – Lord, I will be content to rest in the shelter of your wings and sing your praises!

Daily Reflection – August 3

“Let us labor together at God’s work with great meekness and humility; these are solid virtues.” – St. Louise de Marillac – Contrary to what we may think, it takes a lot of strength to act with calm gentleness in the face of adversity....

Daily Reflection – August 2

“I beg Our Lord that he may be the object of your thoughts and the rule of your actions.” – St. Vincent de Paul – Lord, you are “the way, the truth and the life” for me. I direct all my thoughts and actions to...

Daily Reflection – August 1

“If we had even a tiny hint of this love, would we remain with our arms folded? Would we allow to perish those whom we could assist? Oh no, charity cannot remain inert and inactive.” – St. Vincent de Paul – Lord, the needs of the poor are so...