I connected the dots after I spent 15 minutes “wasting time” creating the cartoon below with a free online program.  I had been wondering about this weeks’ Systemic Change feature so I did this quick 3 pane adaptation of an insight Vincent used.

Comix-change-colorThe light went on! What would happen if the playfully  inquisitive among us tried to develop short comic strips illustrating various insights of Vincent, Louise, Frederic, Elizabth, etc. Others might want to try to express key concepts of systemic change.

The main skill required is the inquisitiveness of the young to try something new.

The one thing I would be certain of is that it would be a fun experience.

And then too it might be a way of involving some of the groups we work in creating their own formation materials.

The site even provides templates and links for texts in other languages. (see “Comments” link on this article for translations as they come in.)

What do you think? Try MakeBeliefsComics. You’ll like it. (If you are allergic to playing please avoid this site!)

Oh yes! Share your links using the “Contact us” link on this page. We would love to have a collection on the VinFormation section of famvin.

As a bonus, visit the site’s Treasure Trove!

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