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Daily Reflection – February 24

“The sick were brought to Our Lord to be cured, like that poor man with the palsy whom they let down through the roof. Is not this what you do in hospitals?”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Sometimes in the routine activities of my day, I fail to see the value of what I do. Keep before me, Lord, the ‘big picture’ and realize the blessing it is to serve you in the sick and needy.

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Daily Reflection – February 22

“We must generously accept our inability to act, when it pleases God that this should happen.”
– St. Louise de Marillac

– When I am forced to remain inactive, Lord, keep me patient and calm in my waiting, knowing that this, too, pleases you.

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Daily Reflection – February 21

“Punctuality is an essential point to observe in the accomplishment of your duties.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Even if being on time is not a value to me, it is important to observe because the time of others is as important as mine is to me. When I am tempted to let things go until the last minute, Lord, remind me that time is a precious gift, which I should spend wisely in your service.

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Daily Reflection – February 20

“Faith lifts the soul, hope supports it, experience says it must, and love says let it be.”
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Life is a precious gift from you, Lord. Help me to celebrate it and be grateful for your many gifts.

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Daily Reflection – February 19

“You should be strictly conscientious in the preparation of the medicines you handle.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Whether I am responsible for preparation of medicines or not, teach me Lord to respect my own body by taking medication exactly as prescribed and not over or under medicating myself to the detriment of my health.

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Daily Reflection – February 18

“The poor person, the patient, must be conscious that he is acknowledged as an individual, that he is respected, loved, treated on an equal footing and capable of giving as much as he receives.”
– Rev. Joseph Jamet, C.M.

– O Lord, let me be consciously aware of the respect and reverence I owe to each person I meet today.

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Daily Reflection – February 17

“Love is inventive, even to infinity.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Inventiveness takes a lot of energy and prayer. It is much safer to rely on the ‘tried and true’ than to risk failure in order to come up with ideas never thought of before. Lord, be my inspiration as I put my creative gifts at your service.

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Daily Reflection – February 16

“Every day we must direct our actions anew towards God and make them pass from the demands of nature to the call of grace.”
– Mother Suzanne Guillemin, D.C.

– Lord, as I begin this brand new day, help me to think less of my own selfish desires and more of others.

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Daily Reflection – February 15

“It requires fortitude to be silent concerning personal ills and fatigue.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– When I am tempted to relate every detail about my personal problems, Lord, help me to keep them to myself, realizing that others must deal with sufferings far greater than mine.

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