Daily Reflection – September 2

“Men are so constituted that even the holiest are disposed to contradict each other.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Keep far away from me, O Lord, the desire to argue and contradict others. When I do fail, give me the grace to be the first to apologize.

Daily Reflection – September 1

“We belong to God by his grace. What else do we wish, then, but to please him? If we are contradicted, this is not surprising; what merit is there in not being crossed? And who is there that can escape it? For every little contradiction, should one stop doing good? Good which gives glory to God?”
– St. Vincent de Paul

There is no such thing as a trouble-free life, devoid of conflict. When these situations do arise, Lord, provide me with the wisdom to view them as challenges rather than insurmountable obstacles.

Daily Reflection – August 31

“The thought that Our Lord himself had much to suffer from his disciples will greatly encourage you, for the more our sorrows resemble his, the more pleasing we are to him. If this were not my consolation, what would become of me?”
– St. Vincent de Paul

When those close to me fail to understand or support, it is comforting to know you suffered the same pain, Lord. At such times your presence consoles and encourages me.

Daily Reflection – August 30

“That peace which is the portion of the chosen servants of God is seldom unmixed with interior struggles.”
– from Life of Mrs. Eliza A. Seton by Charles Ignatius White, p. 169

Even in the midst of the most painful experiences of my life, knowing you love me and are within me, Lord, gives me the greatest consolation and sense of peace.

Daily Reflection – August 29

“We are living at a time when one must not incur useless expense. Public distress surrounds us on all sides. It is feared that it may overtake us; and, even should we be spared, compassion should urge us to do all we can for those who suffer.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Today’s atmosphere of tremendous change and tight budgeting demands a great deal of creativity to maintain our work for the poor and suffering. Gift me, Lord, with the creativity I need to continue that work in spite of the obstacles I face.

Daily Reflection – August 28

“The good God will not fail to supply your need since it concerns His service, and He will do it in one way or another.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Dear Lord, you are so generous with your gifts and never fail to meet the needs of those who call on you. I praise and bless you for this.

Daily Reflection – August 27

“Teach poor girls as much as you possibly can, and remember that the most necessary thing of all is whatever concerns the knowledge of God and his love.”
– St. Louise de Marillac

Imparting knowledge to children can be very challenging. Lord, let me also experience the joy of seeing them grow in grace and love for you.

Daily Reflection – August 26

…”we must give them a life worthy of the name.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

The poor need so much more than food and clothing. Dignity and self esteem are much harder to nurture but are nonetheless essential in breaking the circle of poverty. Today, Lord, I will make use of the opportunities of relieving whatever forms of poverty I may encounter.

Daily Reflection – August 25

“We should not indeed be doing enough for God and our neighbor if we supplied the sick merely with nourishment and medicine, and if we did not assist them with the spiritual services we owe them.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

Lord, let me find ways to provide for the spiritual needs of the poor I serve or at least to support those who can directly supply them.

Daily Reflection – August 24

“It is not the most learned who bear the most fruit, but those who are replenished with the most grace from God. Now who receives more grace than those who are united to his goodness as you are doing, bearing lovingly the duty which he has entrusted to you?”
– St. Vincent de Paul

O God, when I am tempted to envy those who are more gifted than I am, help me to remember that your grace is sufficient for me and doesn’t depend upon human abilities.

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