Daily Reflection – April 27

“As only a great necessity would make us decide to give remedies to a sick person in a violent attack of fever, so we should not generally reprove anyone at the very time they commit a fault.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Father, when I have been hurt, my first reaction is to retaliate. Teach me to forgive, even as you have forgiven me.

Daily Reflection – April 26

“Look up: the highest there were the lowest here and coveted most the poverty and humility which accompanied them and our Master every step of his suffering life.” (CW 2:156)
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– When I tend to take a narrow view of my situation and am overly concerned about success, I will remember that your life, Lord, gave all the appearance of failure. Give me a greater appreciation for the value of the cross in my life.

Daily Reflection – April 25

“Why should your soul not be filled with confidence since, by the mercy of Our Lord, you are his beloved daughter/son?” (CCD 1:84)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Sometimes I fail to pray with the confidence of one who is beloved of God. Help me to claim my inheritance, Lord.

Daily Reflection – April 24

– April 24

“Do not expect great things from anyone who does not know how to entertain himself with God.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, you know my heart even when I fail to listen to you. Perhaps my lack of progress is because I am not as faithful to prayer as I should be. Teach me how to pray.

Daily Reflection – April 23

“I do not think it expedient for you to relieve yourself by imparting your little annoyances to this one or that. A good stomach digests everything, while a delicate one ejects what it cannot endure. Oh, how good it is to keep our affairs between God and ourselves!” (CCD 2:633)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– How tempting it is, Lord, to overburden others with my complaints and negative feelings! Help me, today, to keep a positive attitude when speaking to those with whom I work or live.

Daily Reflection – April 22

“There is no state in the world that has not its bitterness and crosses, and which therefore does not make us desire to embrace some other condition.” (CCD 7:203)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Without the cross, there could be no resurrection. Lord, when I complain about my sufferings, help me to remember this truth.

Daily Reflection – April 21

“A fault may serve for our advancement when it serves to humble us.” (SW: 285)
– St. Louise de Marillac

– Lord, make me aware of the prejudice, jealousy and other faults to which I so often yield. I am humbled by your love for me in spite of these imperfections.

Daily Reflection – April 20

“Sickness is not an evil which we should fear, but a most efficacious means of sanctifying our souls. To murmur when God sends it is to complain of his having done us good.” (CCD 10:405)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– When I am ill, I will do my best not to complain. Lord, teach me how to be patient and leave the outcome to you.

Daily Reflection – April 19

“The reward of sacrifice is peace.” (Possibly based on CW 2:715)
– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

– Lord, every sacrifice has its price as well as its reward. Bless me with that peace of mind which comes from knowing nothing I do goes without your notice.

Daily Reflection – April 18

“The most glorious and desirable death is that which surprises us with arms in our hands for the service of the Lord.” (CCD 8: 293)
– St. Vincent de Paul

– Lord, death will hold no fear for me if my days are spent serving You in whatever way Your will is revealed to me.

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