Why do the poor need to forgive us?

Ron Rolheiser, in his syndicated column writes, “here is a story told about Saint Vincent de Paul. Perhaps it’s partly myth, but its challenge is real nonetheless. Vincent once gave an instruction to his religious community that sounded something like...

St. Elizabeth Seton’s scenes of New York

Passionist Father Victor Hoagland, whose blog is both educational and inspiring, has started an online album of images of the area in New York City where St. Elizabeth would have walked the streets. Go to the album or visit the blog.

Ascension Thursday as Missioning

17th Century Bielorussian icon of the Ascension “Mission” was so essential to Vincent that he founded the Congregation of the Mission. Today’s feast of the Ascension led me to reflect on our missioning.

On this day…

On April 2, 1791, Saint Francis Regis Clet set out on journey to China. He was 43 years old and had asked several times to be sent to China. He was martyred in China some 27 years later. Read about the saint in the Vincentian Encyclopedia.