Depending upon your perspective 19,000 is a pitifully small or amazingly large number. Whatever, last year 19,000 friends of the poor walked their way to raising $1.8 million from events in 220 locations. That money, used to support local special work, would not be there were it not for these 19,000 Friends.

Mark Saturday, September 28th, 2013 for FRIENDS OF THE POOR® WALK/RUN  Help them break 2 million in 2013!


If you can’t be one of the thousands of  walkers please consider consider supporting one. There is a page where you can locate a walker to support. Click on the graphic for more information about specific locations.

The Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run is a National Program coordinated by the Development Team at the National SVDP Office. The inaugural event took place in 2008 with the purpose of providing local Conferences and Councils the framework to host an event that would raise funds to support their local special works projects.

Please register to participate in the 2013 Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run today!

Visit their Tool Box page for more details.

For questions, please contact Nathan Martin:
(314) 576-3993, ext. 218

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