DC Young sisters ParisAs part of  an International Renewal Session for Sisters 11-24 years of Vocation 87 Daughters of Charity from 47 different countries joined at the Motherhouse, each with her own background, culture, hopes and expectations. THey described in terms of an experience of Pentecost.

Meeting in Paris, April 21st- May 6th  they shared a time of study, work and visits, living a full immersion in our Vincentian charism.

“Some confreres and sisters accompanied us, helping us to deepen the theme of faith by breaking the bread of our charism. We especially shared our common belonging to the Company, our being women, entirely given to God, in community, for the service of Christ in the Poor.

“Our diversity merged together and was transformed into a peaceful atmosphere of authentic sisterhood and joy. Like that morning in Jerusalem, we were able to communicate with each other, sometimes with words, sometimes with gestures, or even just with a glance, a smile or a gesture of attention and kindness.

“It was an experience of extraordinary blessing that not only renewed us in our Vincentian charism but also gave us a marvelous taste of belonging to a Company that is present in every part of the world with the commitment to be close to our brothers and sisters who are in need.

For a more complete report visit International renewal program.


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