It’s part of an annual end of school year  ritual. It’s no secret that students sometimes leave usable items in their wake as the hustle to summer vacation begins. A Niagara University committee is now coordinating an effort to put those items to good use. A win-win situation!

Moving dayMembers of the Vincentian Mission Certificate program are organizing a new, end-of-spring semester recycling program that they’ve termed “2 Good 2 Toss.” The service project invites all NU students (and employees) to donate items that are clean and in good condition, as well as nonperishable food, rather than toss them into dumpsters or leave them behind.

Students can donate items – such as electrical cords, beds, chairs, rugs, electrical equipment, small appliances (toasters, microwaves, etc.), books and even computers – between April 30 and May 12 at designated drop-off locations in each residence hall. (Moving assistance is not available.)

The committee will then sell these items at a “garage sale” from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 18 in the Kiernan Center on Niagara University’s campus. The event is open to the public. All monetary proceeds will be given to NU’s Office of Campus Ministry and the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Unsold items in good condition will be donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store.

“Our goal is twofold: to raise money for the underserved in our community and prevent usable items from ending up in landfills,” explained Jay Stockslader, who is participating in the Vincentian Mission Certificate program. “We are proceeding with the philosophy, ‘Give as you would give unto the Lord.’”

University employees are welcome to donate items by bringing them to the Kiernan Center’s Scaffidi Gymnasium May 13-16.

Volunteers will be needed for the two sale days. To join the cause, please contact Ginny Pasceri at 716.286.8153 or at ude.aragain@irecsapv. Other questions about “2 Good 2 Toss” can be directed to Jay Stockslader at ude.aragain@sj.

St. Vincent would be pleased with this program.

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