To celebrate the Foundation of the Congregation of the Mission on January 25th the cmglobal international website offers a thoroughly revised website in 3 languages.

The url’s remain the same

  • – English
  • – Spanish
  • – French

The team, spread out over three continents of Europe, North America and South America, has worked hard to respond to the call of the Superior General to use technology for a three-fold focus:

  1. News. In addition to official documents, will offer expanded news section to foster an international vision and sense of belonging among confreres and provinces, and to the wider Vincentian Family. Our vision, as expressed in the General Assembly’s Creative Fidelity for Mission calls us to “foster theological reflection on the challenges and good that arise from sharing our charism with the laity.” III, 3.3 (p.4)
  2. Resources for ministry and formation:  It is our plan to make a “virtual Vincentian library” without the traditional limits of borders or buildings. Thus, it will be available for use in formation programs world-wide. This central digital resource will identify and provide links to key Vincentian resources in multiple languages. Formation programs, both initial and on-going, will have on-line access to quality resources to educate all learners about specific areas of Vincentian concern, including our charism, theology, missionary theory and practice, and systemic change.
  3. Collaboration:  will devote significant space to resources for formation and ministry, including the promotion of systemic change and the tools necessary for its effective utilization. It is our hope this web site will also assist provinces with technical assistance when possible, and provide access to secure video conferencing facilities to save time and money involved in meetings at the international and provincial levels.

Fr. Gregory Gay continues,

“Our web site, will also provide opportunities for the sharing of information and dialogue with members of the wider Vincentian Family. As “Creative Fidelity for the Mission” reminds us, with the laity, we will “commit ourselves to work in the evangelization of the poor together with members of the Vincentian Family.”(III, 3.5)

“Web sites provide digital access to today’s “global village” and tools for collaboration. They also offer wonderful opportunities to tell the stories of the people we serve, something Vincent did so well.  These stories in turn attract others to their service.  In this digital age, let us pray we may support and encourage one another to learn new, exciting God’s people and deepen our understanding of our Vincentian charism.

As in any undertaking of this magnitude there will be glitches and unforeseen consequences. The team encourages you to let us know via the “Contact Us” link on site pages.


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