Before You Get Rid of Those Christmas Cards….

Susan Stabile writes, “As I was contemplating putting away all of the Christmas ornaments, I was reminded of the opening of Fr. Rolf Tollefson’s sermon on January 1. He shared that he had been spending time the last several days sitting with the Christmas cards he had received from family, friends and parishioners – looking at each one, giving thanks for the love it expressed, praying with the art and thinking of the people who sent it.

What a lovely thing to do! As the Christmas cards come in – especially during the week before Christmas when they come fast and furiously, I confess I find myself opening them, giving them a quick glance and tossing them into the basket in the dining room where I collect them. Some years, the basket gets tossed into storage with all of the Christmas decorations without my even giving them another look. Seems a bit ungrateful, not to mention wasteful.

This weekend, I am resolved to take a page from Fr. Rolf’s playbook: to set aside some time to go through the cards I received. To consider the images on the card, call each sender to mind, reflect on my friendship with them, express to God appreciation for their presence in my life and their thoughtfulness, and say a prayer for their well-being. If you don’t already do so, you might consider doing the same.

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