Hearing the cries of the poor, the call “go beyond what is already being done” (Inter Assembly Document). and the strong desire of the Sisters of improving the quality of service to them, the Provincial Council of Amazonia made the decision to create a new community in the area of Vitória da Conquista.

In September 6th, 2012, a group of Sisters, Postulants and young people traveled to attend to the foundation of this new Community. They arrived to the city of Tucuruí, in the state of Pará, in the afternoon and in the next day very early they left to Novo Repartimento where they were welcomed by local people who offered a delicious breakfast. Then they went to the Project of Settlement of Rio Gelado. The trip took seven hours, but everybody was very enthusiastic, praying and singing. Arriving to the village Vitória da Conquista, they met a joyful welcoming with songs and a small musical band. The Sisters were taken to the chapel where they sung the Magnificat and thanked to God for the good trip. In the next day, after Morning Prayer, the Provincial Director blessed the house with the Sisters. At late afternoon, the people gathered together in front of the Sister’s house and in few minutes a beautiful procession was organized towards to the church of Our Lady of Aparecida built by them where there was the Mass of the Foundation of the Missionary Community Sister Maria José Lima Campos.

The three Sisters chose for this new Community are: Sister Esmeralda Antônia Pinheiro Corrêa, Sister Vitória Lima de Souza and Sister Maria Nelzete Teixeira de Oliveira.

It is the love of God that pushes us to the “urgent calls”!