St. Theresa and Mother Theresa! Imagine what they did through prayer and in the slums.

Welcome to Imagine Sisters! Have you ever met a religious sister? They tend to be the happiest women on Earth. They pray, they sacrifice their lives in love and service to those in need, they live in community–and in many ways they’re just like you! Whether you’ve been taught by sisters or you’ve never experienced their joy in person, Imagine Sisters has dedicated this site to passionately propose the possibility of becoming a sister in the world today.

The Mission of Imagine Sisters is to inspire and support vocations to Catholic women’s religious life. Our hope is to help the world meet sisters on fire for their faith. Through online resources and media, Imagine Sisters works to ignite the conversation of vocational discernment.

Imagine Sisters is a grassroots, web-based movement to promote young women’s vocations to religious life. Our team is comprised of Sisters, young women, and seminarians from around the United States. We want to show the world the beauty, joy, purpose, and fun of becoming a sister in the 21st century!

The sisters featured on the Imagine Sisters website and films are from orders that have graciously provided our content and support for our movement.

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